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Sof Sole Ultra Lite Gel Kids

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The Sof Sole Ultra Lite Gel Insoles combine comfort and support with dual-zone gel cushioning, contoured arch support, and deep heel cups. They are also designed to reduce foot odour and prevent foot blisters.

How Can the Sof Sole Ultra Lite Gel Insoles Help Me?

The Sof Sole Ultra Lite Gel Insoles have been designed with a range of features to help improve comfort and reduce pain during movement. The following benefits are provided to provide you with reliable comfort and pain relief:

  • Arch Support: Contoured arches provide improved arch support
  • Blister Prevention: Technical Low-Friction Topcloth helps to reduce the friction and shear that can cause blisters
  • Comfort Underfoot: The Ultra Lite Gel insoles are constructed with dual-zone gel cushioning for optimal comfort
  • Impact Reduction: Impact is reduced with energy return when your heels strike the ground
  • Odour Reduction: The Silpure antimicrobial treatment helps to reduce foot odour

Who Can Wear the Sof Sole Ultra Lite Gel Insoles?

Sof Sole Ultra Lite Gel Insoles are specially designed to improve comfort and support while also preventing blisters and reducing foot odour. This makes them an ideal choice for anybody who walks a lot or stands on their feet all day, helping to reduce pain and discomfort.

What Types of Footwear Are Suitable for the Ultra Lite Gel Insoles?

Due to the slim and contoured design of the Sof Sole Ultra Lite Gel Insoles, they are ideal for most shoes and footwear types. This means you can wear them as work boot insoles, casual shoe insoles, trainer insoles, and even formal footwear insoles.