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Trail running shoes at active feet have been selected to ensure we have the best available support across several brands, with shoes ranging from ‘gateway’ (part road, part trail) to lightweight, to heavy duty and all shoes in between.  Muddy surfaces, spindly rocks, boulders, sand & gravel present challenges to ‘traditional’ running shoes, for which they fail to cope beyond the most mild terrain.  Specific characteristics such as rock shields, insulation, grip and lace systems all facilitate more enjoyable and safer running when we head off road.

Trail running has been on a boom cycle of recent times and in our professional view, hope & expect that this will continue.  As Podiatrists, we love it of course, because of the variations in terrain, the natural impact protection for your body from natural surfaces, and reduction in postural risk from the same repetitive harder surfaces of road running. Salomon have emerged as a major market leader specifically in this space, and combined with trail shoes from Saucony, Mizuno, Asics and Brooks, we have the combination of shoe choices to suit all terrain, foot type, and mileage.