What make a shoe a netball shoe?

A netball shoe is a ‘court specific’ shoe that is designed to withstand side-to-side and stop start movements required in court sports (such as netball and basketball). As opposed to a running shoe, which is designed for straight-line high impact, repetitious activities such as walking and running.

It is important to ensure you are wearing activity specific shoes to improve performance, minimise fatigue and the risk of injury. Therefor increasing level of performance, enjoyment and success.


Provides lateral stability, and stops
the foot sliding in the shoe. The more structured the shoe, the less work for your foot to stay in place. 


The wrapped outsole is more durable and can withstand the fast “swivel” motion of netball.


Court specific grip sole. Often include pivot points. Durable blown rubber to withstand the high level of friction and ware.


Provides shock absorption and reduces impact on the joints of my lower limb. 


Lower heel pitch/ stack heights. Lowers the centre of gravity, keeps us closer to the ground thus reducing the risk of injury. Typical running shoes have a higher heel pitch/ stack height due to the high-density cushioning required for a high impact activity, such as running. In contrast, the sudden stops and turns of netball requires that the foot be planted securely to the court to avoid the ankle rolling of straining. The lower the centre of gravity, the sturdier the foot. 

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