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Hammer Bar - Peanut Butter Chocolate



Natural, with all-organic ingredients, Hammer Bars are great as a pre-exercise meal, post workout recovery food, or a healthy snack at any time.

Don’t confuse the Hammer Bar with other energy bars, many of which are loaded with refined sugar, saturated fats, and possibly other unhealthy ingredients. A quick look at the list of ingredients in the Hammer Bar will let you know that you’re consuming an ultra-healthy food that just happens to come in the convenience of a bar.

The Hammer Bar contains only healthy fats (no trans fatty acids) and is an excellent source of phytosterols and sterolins, all of which have multiple health benefits.

Depending on the flavour each Hammer Bar contains between 220-230 calories from 25-27 grams of carbohydrates (none from refined sugar), 5-10 grams of organic brown rice protein, and is fortified with 9-11 grams of healthy fats. When a solid food choice is desired, Hammer Bar satisfies your hunger in ideal fashion without excess calories.

After workouts or races, if solid food is desired, the Hammer Bar is a superb postworkout/race food, providing high quality carbohydrates and protein in an ideal 3:1 ratio.