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Nathan Lock Lace Orange

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Features & Benefits

Performance laces never looked so great! These super-secure, ultra-grippy, elastic laces are the ideal no-tie shoelace solution for athletes.

Lock Laces are suitable for:

  • Athletes – Lock Laces ensure you never have to pause your workout or competition to retie your laces.
  • Travelers – When camping, trekking, or backpacking, you never have to worry about loose, dangling laces.
  • Individuals with special needs – Learning to tie shoes is difficult for everyone, but it can be a bigger challenge for individuals with special needs. Lock Laces help you to regain your independence.
  • Kids – Lock Laces ensure no more dirty, dragging shoelaces or delayed morning routines.
  • Seniors – Lock Laces make your life safer and easier by eliminating the need to bend over to tie your shoes. They’re a lifesaver when you suffer from arthritis, knee or hip problems, or other muscle and joint pains.
  • Everyone else – You spend about 2-6 weeks of your life tying shoelaces. Regain your time with Lock Laces, which are more comfortable than traditional laces.