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Shoe brands have a vast array of running shoe models suitable for those engaging in anything from recreational jogging through to high mileage running and racing. Most of these models exist to provide a combination of postural support (individual biomechanics) and fitting variations such as broad or narrow feet.

We carefully select only the best models each season, from each of the brands, making sure we have a strong representation of shoes for the variety of feet and their size, function, shape and weight requirements. Our goal is to ensure that you are in the correct model for your foot posture and running level, regardless of the brand.  All of the running shoe manufacturers have their own unique point of difference.  This helps them separate themselves from competitors.  Much of this is portrayed as assisting your performance and reducing injury risk.  Without a complete motion analysis assessment however, the capacity for you to get the best option/s  available becomes difficult.  Active feet podiatrists and runners will look at what all the brands are saying, and filter out all the noise, to deliver the information that is most appropriate for you.

Talk to us about the shoes from Asics, Brooks, New Balance, Saucony, Nike, Mizuno, Hoka and Salomon.  From stack heights, to heel / toe gradients, to dual density midsoles, we will cut through the jargon and demonstrate the differences to you frame by frame on our new motion analysis system, with staff specifically trained in Podiatric biomechanics.  Starting all the way from KIDS size 1US through to size 16, our running shoe range will cover demands, shapes and sizes.