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The Lethal Tigreor 7 embodies everything about Asics’ Performance and Speed category. It’s lightweight, fast and adaptive – and strives to reduce the potential for injury for the wearer. An upper design that yields comfort, fit and performance. High quality kangaroo leather upper materials are extremely lightweight and very comfortable. An integrated lateral support sleeve connected to a gusset tongue delivers outstanding fit whilst enhancing stability and support. A heel counter construction further increases comfort levels and reduces friction on the foot. A Solyte wedge provides a 10mm heel gradient. By raising the heels 10mm above the toes the wearer is not only placed into a more efficient position for a quick take off but experiences less strain on the muscles on the lower limb.The inclusion of a dual density Solyte Co-polymer outsole provides rearfoot and midfoot rigidity, important for proprioceptive feedback, whilst producing flexibility in the forefoot for explosive propulsion.


  • A gusset tongue yields outstanding fit
  • High quality Kangaroo and synthetic kangaroo leather upper is extremely lightweight
  • HG10mm technology raises the heel and reduces strain on the structures of the lower limb
  • A super light two density outsole provides support in the rearfoot and midfoot whilst providing flexibility in the forefoot.
  • Outsole stud configuration provides outstanding grip and efficient release particularly during rotation.

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