Active Feet deliberately stock the boots we believe will provide you the greatest level of support and comfort. So you can focus on the game not the pain. 


How to pick a football boot Active Feet

Asics Football boots are designed for Australian ground conditions; they have coverage for the wet winter months and hard surfaces of summer when pre-season training commences and some codes of football are played. 

It is important to ensure you are wearing activity specific shoes to improve performance, minimise fatigue and the risk of injury. Therefor increasing level of performance, enjoyment and success.


Outsole stud configuration changes depending on the ideal surface type of the specific boot. Creating improved comfort and even distribution of weight load. 


Supports arch, increases torsional support and improves shoe durability.


Enhances cushioning, durability and reduces loads on Calf and Achilles


Lightweight Solyte midsole and rear foot ASICS Gel, provides greater cushioning and shock absorption

The what, where and why

ASICS Lethal Ultimate

This is the closest boot to a runner in terms of comfort. This would suit an individual whilst they train or if they play another sport such as soccer. Often players will wear this boot for training and running on grass due to the GEL-Kayano style design. Good for those who want a bit more spring in their step and like the runner feel. This boot can also accommodate orthotics if needed. Made of strong kangaroo leather for good foot to ball contact.

Available in adult mens sizing and kids - HERE

ASICS Lethal Tigreor

This is your high performance boot- for the player that is very serious about their football or if they play at a higher level.

The Tigreor is a good game day boot as it is more responsive, lighter and a more narrower fit which allows for a better feel of the footy as you kick through.

Features a kangaroo leather upper. This provides better ball to boot contact as well as being resilient and well suited to the wet conditions and physical demands of the sport.

Considered more of a midfield boot –depending  on the individual players size.

One very important factor to consider when selecting your football boots is your height and weight. A boot such as the Tigreor can often be uncomfortable for larger or taller players such as ruckmen or full forwards/ full backs. That is why such players might look to the Lethal Ultimate or the Lethal 18 as alternate option.

Again, this is dependent on the build and requirements of each player

Available in men, women and kids sizing - HERE

ASICS GEL-Lethal 18

Entry level boot. Great for someone who dabbles in the sport but still wants a premium feel to their boots. The studs are more prominent on these boots (compared to the Ultimate) which gives you greater traction.

This boot is well suited to those that find the Tigreor too narrow. They are a slightly wider fit and can also accommodate orthotics well.

Available in mens sizing - HERE

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